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How I can communicate with clinic?

You can communicate with us via e-maill, phone, Viber, WhatsApp and Skype. Present us with your situation and needs. Provide us with an X-ray and /or snapshot of each jaw in order to gain an understanding of your personal circumstances. This will help us to be able to suggest treatments options for the best dental care possible. If necessary, we can also set up a Skype meeting.

What information can I receive?

You will receive your treatment options, and intervention that needs to be done. This will include the duration of treatment, the number of required visits for a full recovery and the price of treatment services. After your acceptance of treatment plan, we will arrange the date and time of your arrival to the clinic. We will include your flight booking and accommodation options.

How much money I can save?

It is generally known that dental services in the Republic of Serbia are up to 70% cheaper compared to other countries in the world. The services and care we offer follow the highest International standards.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is insurance that is intended to cover medical emergencies expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses incurred while traveling, either internationally or within one's own country. We recommend you to take travel insurance as well as any other holiday trip.

What services are included in my dental plan?

Upon arriving to Belgrade, you will be met by one of our team members and accompanied to your accommodation. (This includes accompaniment back to the airport after your stay with us) You will be accompanied to our clinic and connected with our staff. For easier communication, we will provide you with a local phone and number. We will help in familiarizing you with the city and what it has to offer depending on your needs. We can recommend city guides and taxi services as well, at your expense.

Which currency is used in Serbia?

The dinar (Serbian Cyrillic: динар / динар, pronounced [dinar; paucal: dinara / динара) is the currency of Serbia. You can read more about currency and banknotes on Wikipedia. Goods and services in Serbia you exclusively pay in dinars. You can change your money exclusively in certified exchange offices.

Weather in Serbia

The Serbian climate is between a Continental climate in the North, with cold winters, and hot humid summers, with well distributed rainfall patterns. A more Adriatic climate in the South, with hot dry summers and autumns. The autumn is warmer than the spring at times. Coldest month is January with average temperatures from -6 C in the mountains and 0 C in the plains. The warmest month is July, with temperatures ranging from 15 C to 22 C. The wettest month is June, when 12-13% of the total annual amount of rain falls. The driest months are February and October. The normal annual amount of rainfall of the entire country is 896mm.

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